Enlarging a small space / by Elijah Northen

More and more people are looking towards home renovation these days as a means to grow their families without uprooting their lives (and budget). We often work within these existing conditions, and examine details carefully to determine how best to maximize space. The example below shows recent construction photos from a small master suite renovation. The existing walls were fixed due to budget concerns, creating a long narrow bathroom. A four foot wide barn door will serve as the transition between master bedroom and bath, allowing for visual connectivity, and extending the bathroom into the bedroom space. The toilet was placed in a separate compartment so the door may stay open. We brought natural light into the shower by utilizing the pitch of the roof to lift the ceiling, allowing clerestory light to filter in from the bedroom. At seven feet in the air, the glazing strip sacrifices no privacy and provides a glow of light at the end of the room. Final shots are coming in a few weeks.