Do I need an architect?

Certain smaller projects, such as bathroom and kitchen remodels, do not require an architect, and may be best handled with an interior designer or direct coordination with a contractor. Projects that involve large renovations, additions, and new construction typically require an architect. We’ll be glad to determine your specific needs.

What are typical architectural fees?

Fees range depending on scope, scale, and consultants needed to complete a project. The range of most architectural services to complete a single family residential project is between 10%-15% of the construction cost, which may include engineering. Larger projects tend to be a lower percentage, while small jobs will be on the higher end. The American Institute of Architects publishes a helpful guide based on historical data. Analogue’s fees typically range from 8%-13%. This is done through the calculation of hourly rates as a fixed fee for the total project. 

I just need the basics. Can you give me the bare minimum?

Unfortunately, no. We find a comprehensive set of fully designed documents is the best way to serve clients. Minimal or incomplete design work tends to backfire during the construction process, causing delays and adding unanticipated expenses. We understand there are a wide range of design services to consider, and that our comprehensive process is not the perfect fit for every scenario. 

What are construction costs?

Detailed explanations of construction costs are best left to the building experts and vary greatly depending on project criteria. Typical residential construction costs for new custom homes (not including site work) begin at $250/sf in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Renovation and addition work is extremely site specific, and must be evaluated on an individual basis. Be wary of information on the internet (we're aware of the irony in making this statement online). We find it’s not commensurate with the data we’ve seen from first hand experience.

What’s your style? Does it match mine?

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve seen our work: simple, natural, rational. We tend to omit the word “style” from our discussions and focus on problem solving. Each job is unique, and requires solutions that are site and project specific to solve the challenges. Therefore, we focus on solving problems and let the design work evolve naturally from our process. The result isn’t any one person’s design mission, but a solution that works best for the owner and the specific project.

I have drawings, can you stamp them?

No. Architects are bound both ethically and from an insurance perspective to only sign and seal their own work. Everything must be drawn by our team. If someone tells you otherwise, don’t do it.